Who is a „geometra“ and what is his role in the property buying process in Italy?

A geometra is a technical specialist dealing with different property related matters in Italy. It generally translates as „surveyor“, but it covers a wider role. All geometras have specific education, and are members of the Geometras professional body. During a property purchase, a geometra can help you with a technical survey of the property, as well as checking all necessary planning and building permissions for the property. As a local geometra has a good knowlege of local property related regulation, and works closely with the relevant public bodies, he can confirm for you if future changes to the property (extension, pool construction etc.) are viable or not. A notary may require a survey carried out by a geometra to transfer ownership of a property. We can help you to find a local geometra, and as most of geometras do not speak English, to communicate with him and explain his findings.


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