Can I buy any property in Austria? Are there any restrictons for foreign and non-resident buyers?

EU citizens can buy any property in Austria under the same conditions as local Austrian buyers. However, there are many restrictions as to property use, usually dependent on the region where you buy. In places of tourist interest, there are generally 3 types of properties:

  • Properties that can only be used as a main residence. You can either buy such property to make it your main residence (i.e., become an Austrian tax resident and spend most of your time there), or rent it on a long-term basis to someone who will establish their main residence there.
  • Real estate that can be used as a second home with no rental obligation. Those properties are relatively rare in popular ski regions as the local administrations try to avoid the creation of 'ghost towns' inhabited only during the winter ski season, something that happens often for example in France. 
  • So-called 'tourist residences'. These properties are second homes to its owners, but they must be rented out when the owner is not using them. Owner occupancy is often limited to several weeks per year. These ski properties are usually let out through a professional agency. In this case, the VAT on the purchase can be claimed back. These properties sometimes offer a 'guaranteed net rental yield' or a rental yield forecast is provided by the developer. 

Most of the properties offered on this website belong to the second or third group, as they are the most popular with our clients. You can contact us for more first residence properties. Non-EU citizens can buy a property through a Euro-based company.